Wedge Salad Bites

Wedge Salad Bites




Yield 30


8oz spreadable cream cheese

4oz blue cheese

5 slices bacon

2 English cucumbers

8 grape tomatoes


Slice your bacon in 1/4" strips and saute until crispy. Crispy is important here, when you blend it with the cheese it will get a bit soft and if it is not crispy it will be limp and soggy. When the bacon has crisped up remove it from the pan and drain on a paper towel. While the bacon is cooking slice your cucumbers in 1" slices and scoop out the middle with a melon baller, be careful not to go all the way through. Let your cucumber slices sit for a few minutes as they will release moisture after you scoop them out, then take a paper towel and blot them dry. Crumble the bacon up into really small pieces and stir together with the cream cheese and blue cheese until slightly smooth, you want there to be chunks of the blue cheese in the mixture. Then either pipe or spoon the cheese mixture into the cucumbers and top with a quarter of a grape tomato.

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